Internet Use Policy

The Iola Village Library provides access to the Internet through designated public workstations. Internet access is provided through membership in OWLSnet, the computer network of the Outagamie Waupaca Library System.

The Internet, as an information resource, enables the Library to provide information beyond the confines of its own collection. It allows access to ideas, information and commentary from around the world. Millions of people use and contribute to the Internet and while much of the information available is useful, much of it is not. Selection policies which serve to govern a library’s purchase of other materials cannot be applied to material accessed electronically. There is information on the Internet which may be personally offensive and controversial to the general public. The Internet also has content that is illegal and unethical. The Iola Village Library cannot monitor or be held accountable for the material that is on the Internet.

The determination of what is an acceptable age to begin using the Internet cannot be made by library staff. Library staff cannot control the information/material youth may find on the Internet. For these reasons, the supervision of children using the Internet is inherently the responsibility of parents/guardians. Library staff assumes that children and young adults under the age of 18 who are unattended in the library have parental permission to use the library resources, including the Internet.

No filtering software is used on the Internet workstations in this library. The Iola Village Library (along with all other OWLSnet libraries) is not required to filter as stated in the Children’s Internet Protection Act. (CIPA) However, the Library requires that all users agree to:

  • Use the Internet for educational, informational and recreational purposes that fall within the scope of acceptable use.
  • Not use any library computers to access material that is obscene, child pornography or “harmful to minors” (consistent with any applicable state and local law).
  • Not send, receive or display text or graphics which may reasonably be considered by library staff and others as offensive.
  • Obey all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • Not engage in any activities that might be disruptive to other library users.
  • Not alter computer settings, install software or do damage to the computers.
  • Respect international copyright laws and honor software licensing agreements.


  • Monitor Internet use and remove users from Internet workstations if any behavior is in conflict with this policy.
  • Permanently revoke Internet use privileges to those who violate the above provisions.

Patrons are not allowed to plug into OWLSnet with their personal laptop computers.

In addition, computers users at the Library will see this Policy statement every time they log on to the computers and will have to accept the terms before they can proceed. The wording is slightly different from the regular policy to accommodate space issues in the computer display.


  • Does not filter content or control information accessed through the Internet.
  • Holds parents/guardians responsible for use of the Internet by their minor children.
  • Prohibits the use of its computers and network for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes.
  • Prohibits use of its computers and network to access material that is obscene, creates a hostile working environment, contains child pornography, or is harmful to minors.
  • Prohibits the misuse of copyrighted material as per state and federal law.
  • Prohibits misrepresenting oneself for any purpose. Does not guarantee the security of its computers or network.


  • Computers for the public are available generally on a first come first served basis. People can get in line if they wait in the Library.
  • No one may use another person’s card to get additional time on the computer.
  • Printing costs are .15 cents per black and white copy and .30 per color copy.
  • If time allows, staff can assist patrons with general online needs. In depth one to one instruction is not available.
  • No more than two people at a workstation at one time.
  • People using computers who have children with them are responsible for the supervision of those children.
  • No installation of software is allowed.
  • All work or downloads must be saved to a flash drive. The Library is not responsible for any computer viruses, damage to flash drives or loss of data from using the Library’s computers.
  • Please report any problems to staff immediately.

Reviewed 4/7/2021

Approved 4/7/2021